Why Your Dog Understands You More Than You Think

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Have you ever wondered if your dog understands you more than you think? There are a number of clues your dog reveals to you that will make this apparent. Dogs use body language to communicate with the humans they live with. Your fury friend also use various vocal sounds to communicate what they are thinking.

These signs of communication become very apparent especially if they haven't seen you in a long time such as when you come home from work or even after you have played a round of golf. Typically a dog will greet you and often jump up and look for a sign that you understand that he or she needs to be touched. The jumping action often means that their front paws will touch you. This is a good thing. This may also mean they want to go for a walk. Your dog may also bark at you. This means they are anxious for your attention. Providing attention to them is good for their mental health. Taking them for a walk is also good for their health and will be good for yours as well.


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